'Man has two paths before him: one is to realize himself, the man he was born to be; the other is to do everything in his power to be loved because this desire is also born in him.'
Carl Rogers

Expat Coaching in practice

To make progress via coaching, you have to stay motivated to change, put in the energy and time, and do the work.

In the meantime, you won't be alone – I put all my experience and expertise at your service. I will support you, guide you and sometimes challenge you.
I don’t know the answer to your question, nor the path that will lead you there. What I know is how to support you in finding your own answers, your own solutions!

The first session is a half-hour introductory meeting, in which you tell me what is bothering you and the problem you are looking for an answer to.

Then, depending on your topic, we will meet 4-8 times during the coaching.

In the end, you'll leave with answers, insights, a broader self-awareness and a confident, motivated self-image.


A space for confidence, a time for self-actualisation.

We are in the present and focused on the future!

Coaching is not psychotherapy, mentoring, training or counselling!

In the coaching process, you are the one with the knowledge. I support you in bringing it to the surface so that change can happen and all your strengths and action plans can be brought to the level of your consciousness to achieve the desired goal.